QBasic Gorillas Mascot Mashup is an ultra-primitive pixel art project born in 2009. In April 2011, this site became a daily blog of 8-bit characters designed by Ian Cavalier to be used in a reimagined version of the classic QBasic Gorillas artillery game (and other 1980s-era games).

Each sprite has four animation states. The first sprites drawn were all NCAA Division I college mascots, but the characters have since branched into randomness. Their chunky body proportions, pigeon-toed feet and forward-facing poses are due to their direct stylistic relationship to the primitive QBasic Gorilla, which inspired this whole project. Why am I doing this?

To browse the characters in image form, visit Characters. Or visit Archive to see a chronological list of every 8-bit character drawn so far.

Contact me to make an 8-bit character request.

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